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I'm very pleased with my Rainman Elite rainwater collection system I had installed in Feb 2010. The customer support at Freewater UK is excellent and I happily recommend them

Mr S. Larcombe, Winchester

Hello Brian, Just a short message to thank you for supplying the rainwater collection system for my new build house in Lancaster. The 6,500 litre collection tank went in without any problem as per your installation manual, and the connection to the house roof drainage down pipes was very straightforward. The house connection was also very simple and we now have free water for our W/Cs, laundry and outside garden/garage water taps. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone that is considering using a rainwater harvesting system - we are situated in the south of Lancaster and easily accessible for your future clients to visit and see the system working. Good luck for you future business endeavours

Lawson Spedding, "Uggle House, Lancaster,LA1 4QB

With many other systems you get what you pay for, a poor quality system, Freewater UK supply high quality system of a pre-assembled nature and we are very happy with it

Mrs P, Herts

The freewater system is excellent; it has saved us hundreds of pounds.

Mr C Heat teacher, Bristol

Dear Brian, just a note of thanks for the supply of your Rainman Smartfit Rainwater harvesting system with 3,500ltr tank, which we installed and commissioned within the day. It was all as described in your brochure, namely robust tank supplied in one piece, no need for concrete reinforcing, following instructions to fill and backfill, Tank comes with submersible pump, filter etc all fully fitted within the tank which are easily accessible. Easy to follow fitting instructions, all in all it does what it says on the tin! The system has now been working for 9 months trouble free, with great savings on expensive water bills. We would highly recommend Freewater systems

K. Sanderson, Milnrow, Rochdale Lancashire.

Following installation of the Freewater Rainman Elite 6,500 litre system at our home in Cuckfield West Sussex I used Freewater again to provide a 13,000 litre system for our new factory and offices in Haywards Heath. Both systems work efficiently and are considered a good investment.

Stephen Holroyd, Chairman, Adelphi Holdings Ltd. Haywards Heath, West Sussex

The Freewater system was so easy to install, once the hole and duct trench were dug, it all went together in minutes thanks to everything being pre-installed in the tank

Mr O, East Sussex

The system we have is a Rainman Elite rainwater harvesting system. We are a family of 4 with 4 bathrooms and we use the system to feed the toilets and washing machine & outside tap, we have a septic tank for our sewage; our water bill is 26.00 a month. So very pleased with the overall outcome of our monthly water bill, The quality and service from freewater is excellent, it makes financial sense to get rainwater working for you, as water charges are increasing year on year .so if you're thinking of purchasing one buy one from Freewater UK, it would be a good invest.

Mr Mark Gibbs. St Austell, Cornwall

We have a Rainman Elite Rainwater harvesting system; it has worked without fault for four years. It then became apparent that the system required an upgrade. From the moment I contacted Brain at Freewater the level of service I received was nothing but first class. He was always available at the end of the phone to answer any technical install questions the plumber had and the equipment was delivered on time as promised. I would not hesitate to recommend the product or the company.

Toby Morton

We've now had our rainwater system installed and working for over three years and it has been doing its job quietly and efficiently for all of that time.

Last week we discovered that the water pressure gauge on the front of the main system controller (that lives in the cupboard under the sink in the utility room) had developed a leak. It had probably been like that for a while but fortunately there happened to be washing-up bowl under the unit, which had collected most of the water, so there was only a little overflow.

I called the Brian at Freewater who immediately volunteered to send us, free of charge, a spare pressure gauge he happened to have 'out the back, which duly appeared in a jiffy bag two days later and was fitted and working within minutes. So, top marks for customer service to Brian at Freewater UK

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Easiest, quickest and most cost effective rainwater system to install and maintain.

Michael Riley Associates, Taunton

A Rainman Standard T system from Freewater UK was installed already at the house we purchased around two and a half years and ago. From an environmental perspective, the presence of a rainwater harvester system made the property more attractive to us. Using the system for our toilets and garden tap saves us money when compared to a mains water supply, and there is also a saving on the used water element of our bill as this is derived from the figure for our clean water usage. We are happy with the operation of the system, in fact we don't really think about it as it is fully automated and all the equipment required is housed in our under-sink cupboard.

Brian Hirst, the founder of Freewater UK, is available to answer any operational questions that you may have. This was more important to us in the early days as we inherited the system from the previous owner.

With the increasing cost of all utilities, Freewater UK provides a means by which you can reduce your bills and your family's use of mains water without sacrificing convenience. We would certainly recommend the company and its products to any interested party.

Jim McCarthy, Broadway, Worcestershire

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