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Rainwater HarvestingCommercial Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman™ Twin Pump

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The V F 1 volume filter has many advantages over its competitors. Its unique efficient design enables almost 100% capture of the incoming rainwater and affords easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The polyethylene holding tank is manufactured specific to purpose, is of robust construction and ready fitted out, has push fit connections and telescopic entry access for adjustments to finished levels.

Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump
Rainwater harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump
Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump

  1. Rainwater from roof into tank
  2. PE tank with telescopic access & 100mm push fit pipe connections
  3. VF1 Volume filter 500m2 roof capacity
  4. Overflow siphon with rodent barrier
  1. Overflow to soakaway/storm drain
  2. Calmed inlet, incoming rainwater
  3. Submersible pumps with floating ball & filter sieve
  4. Service ducting 100mm from house to tank
  5. Back plate (see detail below)

Rainman Twin Pump Features

  • Complete system package, pre assembled where possible made easy to install
  • In house controls, back plate mounted components wired and plumbed, require mains electrical cable on/off spur connection and 15mm mains water supply connection only
  • Submersible pump with floating extraction hose, filter sieve and ball. Rubber delivery hose from pump to MDPE delivery pipe. Quick hose connectors c/w brass screw rubber Ö ring type fitting and right angle MDPE push and twist connection
  • Tank c/w integrated calmed inlet and siphon overflow c/w rodent barrier
  • Push fit tank connections for standard 110mm underground drainage pipe work, rainwater in, overflow out and service duct to house
  • Telescopic access dome to finished levels, 600mm dia free access with x 3 star head bolts securing cover
  • Tank robust design, place on 150mm bed of sand, back fill with spoil taken out (not clay or sharp stones)

MicroRain Features

  • MicroRain microprocessor , 32 character display, supports;
  • Alternates pumps on start up
  • Switches one or both pumps depending on demand
  • Timed auto run of system components
  • Enables manual run of system components
  • Pump start/stop, through pressure/flow sensors (no moving parts)
  • Pump run dry protection, system shut down
  • Error message display, pressure side leak
  • Error message display, pressure side pipe break, system shut down

R I M (Remote Integrated Measurement)

  • Display tank volume (Hydraulic conversion to tank volume display)
  • Maintains tank minimum water level through mains water solenoid valve
Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump backplate



  1. Mains water supply
  2. Mains water solenoid valve, tank top up
  3. Mains water pipe to service duct
  4. Rainwater connection to toilets, washing machine and outside tap
  5. Pressure/Flow device (no moving parts)
  6. Rainwater supply pipe from pump to pressure / flow device
  7. Microprocessor unit, LCD 32 chr display
  8. Mains electrical connection
  9. 'RIM' Remote Integrated Measurement Device

Tank Dimensions

Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump tank dimensions
Tank Type GET 3.3 GET 4.7 GET 6.5
A height mm 2230 2610 2840
B length mm 2400 2400 2400
C width mm 1400 1750 2080
D height mm 1745 2125 2355
Weight kg 150 200 270
volume 3300 4700 6500

Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump tank

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Rainwater Harvesting - Rainman Twin Pump filter

Commercial Tank Filter specifications

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