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Rainwater harvestingRainman™ Smartfit - system comparison

The only system on the market with all in-tank components pre-installed, pumps, filter etc. Install tank, connect pipes, switch on, enjoy !


In-house controls
  • Bespoke rotationally moulded polyethylene back plate assembly
  • Pre wired, plumbed unit, plug and play
  • Incorporates pump and float switch plug in sockets
  • Mains water and rainwater delivery flexible hose connections c/w isolation taps
  • MDPE pipe brass connector ready fitted, push in, tighten up
  • Virgin HDPE (High density polyethylene), one piece rotational moulded tank
  • Heavily ribbed robust, stand on sand, back fill with sand or spoil taken out
  • Push fit spigot connections, 110mm inlet, overflow and service duct
  • Common service duct, carries pipes, cables and mains water to tank
  • Telescopic dome to finished level, pull up to finished level
  • When comparing HDPE tanks, compare weight for strength
Integrated two step filter
  • Tank integrated ZF 2 step cross flow self cleaning filter, best on the market
  • Grundfos SPO range of pumps, superior pumps without question
  • Pump complete with floating extraction hose and filter sieve
  • Expected life span in excess of 20 years
  • No other rainwater system company offers this range of pumps as they are expensive
A quality system
  • In-house consol pre wired and plumbed
  • All in-tank components pre-installed, pump, filter etc
  • Less than 12 hours to install
  • Fit and forget technology


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