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Rainwater HarvestingRainman™ Elite system operation description (managed by Freewater MicroRain processor)

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System Operation

System operation is in two parts, delivery of rainwater to wc's etc and mains water minimum level maintenance through mains water back to tank (all system water comes from the tank);

"R I M" Remote Integrated Measurement (tank level, tank minimum level maintenance)

The system measures tank level and maintains the minimum tank level without sensor cable or float switch. This is achieved by using a sensor below the one way check valve in the back plate control, which measures the weight of water hanging in the delivery pipe from back plate assembly through to in-tank pump. This weight coupled with atmospheric pressure pressing on any given body of water in the tank gives an accurate % tank level. Knowing the tank level gives the ability to set tank minimum level, mains water top up level and system stop level.

System features

Pump, switched by pressure/flow sensors rather than traditional pump control (no moving parts). Tank level reaches 25cm (no rainfall) the mains water solenoid valve opens and fills the tank to 30cm level, this process will repeat until rainfall raises the tank level above this minimum level. "Leakage alarm" error, if pump runs 25 times within a 30min period the system identifies this as a leak on the pressure side. "Past max run time" error, if pump runs continually for 45 mins, system stop, tap left on, delivery pipe blown off pump in tank. "Pipe break" error will display if there is a pipe break on the pressure side, system stop, to prevent tank water being empted into the building. "Pump run dry protection" error, pump is cooled and lubricated by water, if air is present in the suction side, system stop, to protect pump from burning out. "Mains max run time" error, if mains water solenoid valve runs for 60 mins system stop, system thinks water is not reaching tank. "Tank empty" display at 20cm, this feature is designed to prevent the tank running dry which would result in debris on the floor of the tank being pumped through the system and to prevent the system sucking air which would mean having to bleed pump. When the mains water achieves 30cm tank level the system can be re started by pressing the "OK" button briefly, which will clear the error message and re set the system, these parameters timings can be changed to give a greater tank buffer.

Menus, To enter menus press & hold buttons for 3 secs

Menu 1, Initial set up
- Input tank full level
- Input actual tank level
- Input tank diameter
Press "ok"
Menu 2, Manual Mode
- Run pumps
- Run solenoid valve
- Run filter wash
Press "ok" & "+" together
Menu 3, Parameter menu
- All parameters
Press "ok" & "-" together
Menu 4, Manufacturers info
- Pump cycles
- Hours run, pumps, solenoid valve
Press "+" & "-" together

When error messages appears pressing the "OK" button will clear the message and re set the system.

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