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Greywater RecyclingCommercial Greywater systems.


Typical Install

Commercial Greywater systems are typically much larger than domestic installations with the need to accept larger quantites of grey water and provide processed water back to more outlets. In these situations the AquaCycle represents a major contribution to the ecological viablilty of a commercial operation.

These commercial systems are all based on the same class leading principles however they have far more tanks and stages in order to meet the increased demands.


The Process

Consistent water quality is assured thanks to patented 4-stage purification process: After pre-filtration, the water undergoes a 2-stage biological treatment process followed by UV disinfection. Good to know: the quality of the recycled clear water conforms to the EU bathing water directive.

Typical Install


  1. The filter unit with electronically controlled flushing facility.
  2. Pre-recycling chamber for advance cleaning and main recycling chamber for the 2nd stage of the bio-mechanical cleaning process.
  3. Fully automatic sediment disposal sucks organic sediments out of the biomechanical cleaning process into the waste water drain.
  4. The automatic drinking water back-up supply is triggered on demand.
  5. The water is sterilised by the UV lamp. This renders it odourless and storable for a long period.
  6. The clear water chamber stores the water until it is ready for re-use.
  7. The pressure pump supplies the recycled water on demand and supports the automatic filter flushing.
  8. User-friendly control unit with energy saving and self-test function.
  • Pre-filtration
  • First, the grey water enters a filter which retains coarser particles such as textile fluff, hairs, etc. The filter is cleaned automatically at regular intervals and the residues are fed into the waste water drain.

  • Biological treatment
  • After pre-filtration, the grey water undergoes a 2-stage biological treatment process. In stage 1, the water is treated under supply of atmospheric oxygen. Micro-organisms adhering to the surface of the carrier material introduced into the tanks of stages 1 and 2 break down the biodegradable content of the water by their metabolic processes. After 3 hours, the water is pumped from stage 1 to stage 2, where it undergoes the same treatment for a second time.

  • Sedimentation
  • During the biological treatment process (stages 1 and 2), surplus biologically active sludge is generated. This is automatically removed at set intervals and fed into the waste water drain.

  • UV disinfection
  • After the sedimentation stage, the water enters a third stage in which it passes through a UV lamp for sterilisation purposes. The recycled water is now odourless and storable for a long period. It can be reused as high-quality process water according to the hygiene specifications of the EU bathing water directive (76/160/EEC) and the requirements of the fbr Information Sheet H 201.

  • Special features
  • An automatic drinking water top-up system keeps the consumers supplied in the event of a shortfall in water generation. If too much water is generated, it is fed via an overflow pipe into the waste water drain to prevent an overflow of the system.

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