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RaiGreywater recyclingMaking the most of a finite resource - an idea in harmony with nature, the AquaCycle® 900

AquaCycle 900 is the only credible domestic greywater recycling system which incorporates a 100% biomechanical treatment process, (no chemicals).

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We give water a second life.

Climate change is leading to a change in moral concepts worldwide and to increased environmental awareness. The main focus here is on the considerate treatment of nature. Water resources as our main source of life are of particular significance in this respect.

Because its permanent availability can no longer be taken for granted, awareness for the responsible use of drinking water is growing. At the same time, the need for comfort in one’s own bathroom is increasing for example, we would like to enjoy showering more with large showers. This is a trend which leads to higher water consumption.


Use valuable drinking water twice

AquaCycle now offers a way of using water from showers and bathtubs twice through environmentally friendly recycling. This saves valuable drinking water and reduces the amount of waste water. AquaCycle therefore supports you in responsible use of water and also helps you to save water costs.

Water quality must meet the European Directive 76/160/EWG for recreational water. To the eye the clean water looks like drinking water, cool, clear, colourless and odourless.


Installation requirements

When planning a new building or in the case of complete re-development, AquaCycle is a useful way of reducing the consumption of precious drinking water. The following installation conditions are to be observed:

  • Separate pipeline system for collecting shower and bath water
  • Separate clear water pipes for supplying the points of consumption
  • No connections between the drinking water and clear water pipe networks
  • Separate ventilation, separated from black water pipes
  • Floor drain to DIN 1986 standard

Water conforms with the European Directive 76/160/EWG for Recreational Water.

No chemicals required
100% bio-mechanical treatment - free of odours.

Greywater Recycling - Smartclean System


Greywater Recycling - Patented smartclean system


This is how Aquacycle™ works

  1. The filter unit with electronically controlled re-circulation filters coarse particles from shower and bath water.
  2. The system subjects the water to a 2-stage biological treatment, first in the pre-recycling chamber and then in the main recycling chamber. Bio-cultures accumulate on a substrate and degrade the dirt particles in the water.
  3. The fully automatic sediment extraction process extracts organic waste from the biological-mechanical cleaning process and feeds it into the waste water drain.
  4. Drinking water is supplied automatically as required.
  5. The UV lamp disinfects the water. Then it is odourless and can be stored for long periods.
  6. The clear water chamber stores the water until it is used again.
  7. The pressure pump redirects the treated clear water and supports automatic filter re-circulation.
  8. The user-friendly control with energy-saving and self-test functions.
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