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Greywater RecyclingWater - a unique and precious resource USE YOUR WATER TWICE.


The Issues

Water is becoming too valuable to be wasted; In the future we may no longer be able to take its constant availability for granted. We are accustomed to using drinking water for almost everything, and where it is not necessary to use high quality drinking water. The pie chart illustrates this clearly: the green segments represent activities for which drinking water quality isn't strictly necessary, these are the areas where cleaned greywater can be used.

Greywater water useages

The use of greywater recycling allows water from baths and showers to be used twice, by using Membrane Filter Technology without the need for chemicals.

Greywater recycling represents a major contribution to ecological sustainability. It reduces water usage and the costs of water by up to 50 percent, providing us with an intelligent way of saving water without compromising our quality of life.


The Solution

Greywater second life

Greywater recycling systems process bath and shower water into hygienically clean Clearwater, which can then be reused for WC flushes, washing machines, and outside tap(s) for car wash and garden irrigation. Other advantages are:

  • Biological-mechanical cleaning without chemicals
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Consistently high water quality
  • Fully automated system
  • Low operating costs
  • Non weather-dependent

Greywater recycling systems can be combined with rainwater harvesting systems to maximise the amount of available water , useful for irrigation in larger gardens for instance.

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