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Rainwater Harvesting CloudDomestic Rainwater Tank Filter

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For roof areas up to 200 m2. For installation within rainwater tanks. Two step cleaning system. The first coarse filter mesh protects the second, finer mesh by removing larger leaves and particles. Retro-installation of 3P Back Washing Device is possible. The height difference between rainwater inlet and outlet into the sewer is just 117 mm.

  1. Domestic Rainwater harvesting filterRainwater is led onto the first filtration step.
  2. Coarse and larger dirt particles are led away to sewer/waste
  3. The pre-filtered rainwater, having passed the primary filter, reaches the second and
    finer filter. From here finer dirt passes to waste, clean water to the tank.
  4. The cleaned rainwater is led through a calmed flow inlet into the rainwater tank
  5. Due to the steep inclination of the fine filter
    and its smooth surface structure the dirt is quickly cleaned away into the sewer.

Domestic Rainwater harvesting filter dimensionsDomestic Rainwater harvesting filter dimensions



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