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Rainwater HarvestingCommercial Rainwater Tank Filter

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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Tank in situ
  • Rainwater filter For roof areas to 450 m2
  • High level of filtering efficiency, independent of flow rate
  • Continuous filtering of dirt particles
  • Frost resistant. Self cleaning
  • Low maintenance intervals
  • Filter insert is easily removed for cleaning.

Materials: PE and stainless steel. Stainless steel sieve with a mesh size of 0.55 mm. Height 470 mm. Height difference between inlet and outlet just 300 mm.

Extension tube for direct installation in the ground Installation depth up to 750 mm Diameter 500 mm. Extension tube delivered with locking lid. Lid supports pedestrian. Loading Plastic is PE, polyethylene.

  1. As water arrives the level builds up and is equally distributed across the cascade
  2. Pre cleaning through the cascades. Largest dirt particles are led across the primary filter cascades directly to the sewer.
  3. Pre filtered water then flows over the secondary filter sieve (mesh size 0.55 mm). Due to the special mesh structure of the sieve, any dirt washes directly into the sewer which means the filter is self cleaning, with very low maintenance.
  4. Cleaned water flows to the cistern.
  5. Dirt goes to the sewer.
Commercial Rainwater harvesting filter

Commercial Rainwater harvesting - filter dimensionsCommercial Rainwater harvesting - filter dimensionsCommercial Rainwater harvesting - filter dimensions


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