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Rainwater HarvestingCommercial Rainwater Harvesting - The Freewater ARGUS System

The Freewater-ARGUS is the brain of the Freewater-MODULAR rainwater management system.

Plug-In Component Design

The ARGUS is designed as a 'plug-in' component - all wiring is ready and colour coded for easy, quick & safe installation.

KIM - control unit.

A single unit handles all system functions


For protection against system failure and/or water damage.


The following are all available as add-on accessories:

  • Connection & Security package.
  • RS 232 socket for external communication.
  • Frequency-controlled pumps for optimal pressure maintenance.

System Specification

Commercial rainwater harvesting - Argus system

The Freewater-ARGUS is the brain of the Freewater-MODULAR rainwater management system. The state-of -the-art microprocessor control unit allows for secure, energy saving operation of the complete system and offers comprehensive system survey functions. The modular configuration allows the user to 'fine tune' the system to suit their individual needs. Remote management and maintenance are optionally available.

The ARGUS system comprises:

  • Plug-In Component Design. 
  • Control Unit
  • Security-Logic
  • Integrated Intermediate Tank
  • Steel Housing
  • Simple Operation
  • Digital Display
  • Software Oriented Modular Configuration.
  • Programmable Operation 

The ARGUS system will supply drinking water conforming to the highest International security standards.


Plug In Component Design

The innovative design of the Freewater-MODULAR and Plug-In-Components allow for easy, quick and safe installation. All connectors are ready-wired and colour-coded for simple installation.

Commercial rainwater harvesting - Argus system plug in component design

Control System 

The control unit contains all the electronic management components for the system. The advantage of centralised control being the single point control of all vital rainwater management systems (pumps, valves, drinking water supply etc).

The control unit provides the optimal base for upgrades - particularly for use in 'intelligent buildings'.

External PC-connection, remote management and maintenance are already available.

Commercial rainwater harvesting - Argus system control system

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