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Save around 50% of your mains water needs

Freewater UK are involved in all aspects of the Rainwater harvesting and Greywater recycling industry through ongoing relationships with key players within the industry, maintaining Freewater at the cutting edge of system technology.

Freewater UK intelligent rainwater harvesting systems have been created to cater for the specific requirements of the UK market, providing complete system solutions for every application. Developed in response to water supply, demand and disposal problems which face both homeowners and businesses alike.

Commercial Rainwater Systems Servicing, Annual Service contracts for all makes of systems, call Freewater UK on Tel: 01522-720862

Housing Association Rainwater System "Rainman Easyfit" for one & two bedroomed Properties, Pre-Assembled, Complete System Package, Plug and Play Technology, Minimal in-house space requirement for system controls

The Freewater Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling Philosophy

The Freewater philosophy is to supply a complete system package, pre-assembled where possible, made easy to install using high quality components for maximum longevity.

Complete Systems Solutions for every application

  • All in tank components pre-fitted with single service duct to house
  • Pre-wired & plumbed in-house consol - less than 12 hours to install
  • Cherry picked, highest quality components used throughout
  • Fit and forget technology - simple reliable installation

Rainwater HarvestingRainwater Harvesting cloud

leaf with Rainwater"Rainwater harvesting" is typically defined as being water collected from roofs via traditional guttering, through down pipes to an underground tank(s). Delivered on demand by an in-tank submersible pump direct to toilets, washing machine and outside tap use. More than 50% of mains water can be substituted by rainwater.
See Smartfit - the cost effective solution for rainwater storage

Greywater RecyclingGreywater recycling shower

"Greywater recycling" is typically defined as being water from the bath, shower, wash hand basin. The ideal situation for ‘Greywater’ is in living accommodation where sufficient amounts are generated daily for reuse in toilets, washing machine and outside tap. Greywater recycling represents a major contribution to ecological sustainability.
New Greywater Membrane plant - see the new technology

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